Establishing Child Custody

During the divorce, having a plan for the care and custody of your minor children can be challenging. In cases where the parties cannot work together to co-parent effectively and where there are serious concerns about the parenting ability of one or both parties, disputes can become very complicated. Our attorneys at Evans & Turnblad, LLC have handled these cases, along with the simpler and more straightforward ones. We know how to determine the real issues and motivations during the negotiation, and we have experience litigating child custody cases and modifications to custody and visitation in the family law court in South Carolina.

Managing any child custody arrangement is an ongoing process. Our attorneys provide counsel and representation to parents from the initial filing of a complaint to enforcement matters after the case is final.

Modifying child custody

While preserving stability for children is important, the law recognizes that situations change, and parenting plans and other child custody orders are not written in stone. The law allows changes in the parenting plan, but only upon a showing of a material change of circumstances affecting the best interest of your children since the entry of the parenting plan.  Proving a material change of circumstances can be a difficult hurdle.  At Evans & Turnblad, we assist clients in Florence, SC, and the surrounding Pee Dee area in modifying child custody orders by either negotiating changes and submitting them for court approval or by litigating for modification if an agreement cannot be reached.  Our attorneys have experience managing child custody modifications as well as visitation modifications.

If you think you may need legal assistance managing your child custody arrangements or assistance with visitation modifications, contact our firm at (843) 536-4495 to schedule an initial consultation.

Our Philosophy

Our firm is not focused on the business of sales; we’re focused on caring for our clients. As a result, your attorney will care about you and ensure you have excellent legal representation. We want each of our clients to gain the clarity, compassion, and closure they need regardless of what legal challenges they are working through.

Clarity You Deserve

When you work with Evans & Turnblad, LLC, we can give you the legal clarity you deserve. We will help you assess your options while being open and honest about costs. We will make sure you understand the costs before we move forward.

Compassion You Seek

When you need a lawyer, you are likely going through a very emotional time in your life. We understand the emotional stresses of the legal system, and we will treat you with compassion and kindness every step of the way. We will fight for your best interests.

Closure You Need

When you work with our firm, we will help you with the closure you need to move beyond the legal proceedings and step into a new and exciting part of your life.

Our Commitment to You

At Evans & Turnblad, LLC, we believe that attorneys should do more than address the legal aspects of their client’s cases. We value compassion and transparency in all aspects of our work. We are committed to giving you excellent legal services possible by providing clarity, compassion, and closure.