Establishing Child Support

Going through a divorce is a worrisome journey, especially if children are involved. While you know the divorce will affect them, you want to limit the impact on their lives as much as possible.  Finding a child support law firm like Evans &Turnblad can help you receive the support your children deserve. Our experience can help you reach your goals for your children, answering your questions and guiding you through the divorce process.

Who is responsible for Child Support?

In the state of South Carolina, both parents are responsible for the well-being of their child, and while either parent may request child support, the parent that doesn’t have primary custody is required to pay some child support in most cases. The amount of child support depends on many factors and is often determined under the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines.

Modifying Child Support

While there is a defined process and factors for determining child support in South Carolina, there are instances where the courts might deviate from the standard or determine a modification is necessary. The court can modify child support amounts based on significant life changes for one or both parents. Some of these factors include:

  • Loss of a job
  • Change in salary through demotion or promotion.
  • Medical issues that would necessitate a reduction in the monthly payment
  • Other substantial and material changes in circumstances

Modifying child support payments can be challenging. The court orders child support payments to be paid on time and in full.

The paying parent’s burden is to prove that a significant change impacts their ability to make the ordered payment amount. Most often, such child support modification requests are seeking lower payments due to a significant life change.

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Our Philosophy

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When you work with Evans & Turnblad, LLC, we can give you the legal clarity you deserve. We will help you assess your options while being open and honest about costs. We will make sure you understand the costs before we move forward.

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